A Jugendstil Bidet: Shelly Nadashi’s Objects of Value

Ellen Feiss reflects upon the allegories of commodification to be found in Shelly Nadashi’s recent solo exhibition.



Brothers in Arms: Laboratoire AGIT’art and Tenq in Dakar in the 1990s

Clémentine Deliss discusses the Senegalese artist groups Laboratoire AGIT'art and Tenq, reflecting upon the paradoxes of writing a history of collective practices that reject fixed forms.



Thomas Hirschhorn: Deleuze Monument

In this generously illustrated book, our latest in the One Work series, Anna Dezeuze examines Deleuze Monument (2000), the second in Thomas Hirschhorn’s series of four Monuments, and its relation to ‘scatter art’ and participatory art in the 1990s.



Malak Helmy: Impossible Products of the Compound

Mia Jankowicz reviews ‘Lost Referents of Some Attraction’, Malak Helmy’s recent exhibition at Sharjah Art Gallery, New Cairo.



Visiting the Viewpoints of Others: On the Camouflaged Portraits of Nilbar Güres

Mihnea Mircan sketches out a refusal of otherness in recent artistic practice, showing how Nilbar Güres ̧, amongst others, hides and blurs markers of identity.



Exhibition as Social Intervention: ‘Culture in Action’ 1993

The fifth book in Afterall's Exhibition Histories series focuses on ‘Culture in Action’, an exhibition with a new social agenda that challenged conventional understandings of public art.

Afterall is a research and publishing organisation that focuses on contemporary art.

‘Yvonne Rainer: Dance Works’, Raven Row, London

The first exhibition to present live performances of Yvonne Rainer’s dance works alongside other aspects of her practice – writings, sketches, scores, documentary and experimental films, is on display at Raven Row until 10 August. The exhibition is curated by Catherine Wood, author of the Afterall One Work book Yvonne Rainer: The Mind is a Muscle.


To read an essay by Ian White on Rainer’s multifaceted practice visit here.

‘Jimmie Durham: Traces and Shiny Evidence’, London


A new installation by Jimmie Durham is now on display at Parasol unit, London. Durham featured in issue 30 of Afterall journal, with ‘Stone as Stone’, an essay by Anders Kreuger on Durham’s investigative thinking and ethical engagement, and ‘For the Price of a Magazine’, a story by Anthony Huberman. Both are available to read here.