The Gulch Between Knowledge and Experience: Thomas Hirschhorn’s Gramsci Monument

Kari Rittenbach probes the political economy of Thomas Hirschhorn’s 2013 monument in the South Bronx.



From Narcissism to the Dialogic: Identity in Art after the Internet

Melissa Gronlund discusses the changes in the way identity is represented in current film and video work, particularly of the post-internet generation.



Exhibition as Social Intervention: ‘Culture in Action’ 1993

The fifth book in Afterall's Exhibition Histories series focuses on ‘Culture in Action’, an exhibition with a new social agenda that challenged conventional understandings of public art.



Thomas Hirschhorn in conversation with Anna Dezeuze – video online

On Saturday 18 October 2014 we launched our recent One Work book, Thomas Hirschhorn: Deleuze Monument with this dialogue between Thomas Hirschhorn and Anna Dezeuze.



The Joy of Meta: On the Museum of American Art

Moving away from the idea of the unique work, Steven ten Thije demonstrates how the Museum of American Art tells a story about art and its specific narratives in the twentieth century, rather than being a museum of art itself.



Lee Lozano: Dropout Piece

Lee Lozano’s Dropout Piece (begun c.1970) is one of her most challenging and elusive works. First and foremost, it is the name Lozano gave to her self-imposed transformation from art world insider to outsider. It is also a large-scale action carried out with lifelong, indeed posthumous, consequences.

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