Artists at Work: Erika Vogt

Erika Vogt speaks to Adam Putnam about the overlapping articulation of object, image and film in her practice.



Occupy 21st Street! Helen Frankenthaler at Gagosian

Shepherd Steiner reflects upon the recent exhibition of Helen Frankenthaler’s paintings at Gagosian Gallery, insisting that we disentangle criticism from the global circulation of art as finance capital.



A Restless Interlude: Béatrice Balcou at FRAC Franche-Comté

Vanessa Desclaux reviews Béatrice Balcou’s ‘One Thing at a Time’ at FRAC Franche-Comté and reflects upon the oscillations between work and repose in this curated situation.



Lee Lozano: Dropout Piece

Lee Lozano’s Dropout Piece (begun c.1970) is one of her most challenging and elusive works. First and foremost, it is the name Lozano gave to her self-imposed transformation from art world insider to outsider. It is also a large-scale action carried out with lifelong, indeed posthumous, consequences.



On the Humility of Modern Life: Olga Chernysheva’s Notes and Reflections

Ekaterina Degot discusses Olga Chernysheva’s reanimation of the debate over formalism with her realist depictions of typical characters under typical circumstances.



‘“an Exhibit”: an Exhibition, an Artwork, a Collaboration’ Symposium – videos online

Watch videos of our symposium reconsidering ‘an Exhibit’ the pioneering artwork, exhibition and collaborative project of Richard Hamilton, Victor Pasmore and Lawrence Alloway.

Afterall is a research and publishing organisation that focuses on contemporary art.

Cynthia Maughan at Cubitt, London

A selection of Cynthia Maughan’s recently digitised videos are currently on display at Cubitt, London. Watch The Way Underpants Really Are and Coffin from Toothpicks (both 1975) and read an interview with Maughan here.

‘Richard Hamilton: Swingeing London 67 (f)’ and ‘an Exhibit’, ICA, London

Richard Hamilton is currently the subject of two London exhibitions: one at Tate Modern and a second at the ICA that restages his installations of the late 1950s, including ‘an Exhibit’. Video recordings of Afterall’s symposium discussing this collaborative project are now available here.


Hamilton’s famous Swingeing London 67 (f)(1968-9) is on show at Tate Modern, a work Andrew Wilson describes in his Afterall One Work book as a history painting commenting upon the British state’s repression of any form of personal liberation. To order this title visit here.