How did we get here and where do we go?: ‘Elements’ at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2014

Alison Crawshaw visits Rem Koolhaas’s exhibition at the Venice Architecture Biennale reflecting upon his fetish for obsessive expertise.



Not Quite Shame: Embarrassment and Andrea Büttner's 'Engel der Geschichte'

Positing embarrassment as inherent to critical judgement, Louise O’Hare writes on how Andrea Büttner’s work both invites and probes affective response.



Thomas Hirschhorn: Deleuze Monument

In this generously illustrated book, our latest in the One Work series, Anna Dezeuze examines Deleuze Monument (2000), the second in Thomas Hirschhorn’s series of four Monuments, and its relation to ‘scatter art’ and participatory art in the 1990s.



Ger van Elk in conversation with Charles Esche and Steven ten Thije, 5 April 2009

Ger van Elk has died aged 73. His passing is a great loss to the Dutch and international art world and we are remembering him by making an interview from our first Exhibition Histories book available here.



Midnight Dreams: The Tragedy of a Lone Revolutionary

Anita Dube, a member of the Radical Association, reflects on the now mythic figure of K.P. Krishnakumar and his particular, ill-fated attempt to marry Marxist thought with artistic practice.



Exhibition as Social Intervention: ‘Culture in Action’ 1993

The fifth book in Afterall's Exhibition Histories series focuses on ‘Culture in Action’, an exhibition with a new social agenda that challenged conventional understandings of public art.

Afterall is a research and publishing organisation that focuses on contemporary art.

Harun Farocki 1944–2014


To mark the sad news of Harun Farocki’s passing we have made freely available our essays on his practice: ‘Harun Farocki: Film-maker, Artist, Media Theorist’ by Thomas Elsaesser and ‘Production Pattern Associations: On the Work of Harun Farocki’ by Jan Verwoert.

‘Zachary Cahill: Snow’ at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

Zachary Cahill’s solo exhibition at MCA Chicago is open until 28 September. Cahill and Philip von Zweck discussed The Artist as Double Agent in our most recent issue. You can read it here.