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Afterall is a Research Centre of University of the Arts London, located at Central Saint Martins.

We focus our research activities on the value of contemporary art and its relation to wider society.

Our specialist research areas include 'Art Becoming Public', which addresses exhibitions, institutions and what happens when art becomes public and 'The Work of Art', which focuses on researching through the work of art, while interrogating the scope and parameters of this commitment.

The research centre works with partners across five continents to deepen this enquiry and make it available through publications, digital access, conferences, screenings and talks.



Mark Lewis

Head of Exhibition Histories and Co-founder

Charles Esche

Associate Directors

Adeena Mey, Chloe Ting

Editor and Research Fellows

Elisa Adami, David Morris

Assistant Editor

Wing Chan

Project Coordinators

Camille Crichlow, Arianna Mercado

General Building Model – As Built, Centre Georges Pompidou, 1975. Courtesy Fondazione Renzo Piano