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Afterall Journal

Issue 0

Spring/Summer 1999

Editors: Charles Esche, Mark Lewis, Catherine Williams.

Founding editors: Charles Esche, Mark Lewis.

Table of Contents


Contextual Essays

  • Art and Social Democracy – Gertrud Sandqvist
  • What Is to Be Screened: Net Utopians and Their Discontents – Josephine Berry
  • Afterword: The End of Utopia – Charles Esche


Jeremy Deller

  • The Uses of Literacy – Will Bradley
  • Voodoo Ray, Slight Reprise – Nicholas Blincoe

Pavel Buchler

  • Sunday February 30 – Desa Philippi
  • Red Flag – Ian Hunt


  • An Exchange Between Åsa Nacking and Superflex – Åsa Nacking
  • Into Africa – Dan Cameron

Fiona Banner

  • Making It Real – Matthew Higgs
  • Expecting Rain. Reading The Nam – Alan Woods

Pierre Huyghe

  • Visual Syntax in the Work of Pierre Huyghe – Jean-Christophe Royoux
  • Should the Future Help the Past? (Prevision – The Short Version) – Liam Gillick


Written by Charles Esche

Afterall is a new publication that seeks to discuss the work of contemporary artists and relate their ambitions to the wider social, political and philosophical framework within which art is produced…


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