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UNIA arteypensamiento: Movement in the Rank and File: Transfeminism, Queer Feminism, Depathologisation, Non-binary Discourses

04 nov 2010
Rectorado de la UNIA, Seville.

UNIA arteypensamiento is holding a conference and seminar, beginning from the need to consolidate and broaden the powers, processes and impulses of feminist movements, bearing in mind their needs and serving their theoretical and operational development.

The feminist movement has been and still is one of the most important places for considering the oppression of women and a series of issues related to gender and sexuality that have situated the identity crisis that led to queer deconstruction at the centre of the philosophical-political debate.

The term ‘transfeminist,’ verging on queer postulates, is being championed by certain trans-dyke-queer-feminist groups that have emerged in recent years. A number of micro-groups have laid claim to this word, that despite sounding like an oath is better than the term queer in Spanish-it is more tangible and easier to adopt, powerful and fresh and seems to contain a significant mobilising force.