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The Curatorial Conundrum: with Paul O’Neill and Lucy Steeds

21 jul 2016
Book launch
The Showroom, London.

Please join us for the London launch of The Curatorial Conundrum: What to Research? What to Study? What to Practice? , edited by Paul O’Neill, Lucy Steeds and Mick Wilson.

Steeds and O’Neill will be joined by Gerrie van Noord and other contributors to reflect on some key concerns of the book, focussing on the implications of the rapid expansion of curatorship as an intellectual field in recent decades. As well as the emergence of a proliferation of academic programmes and research methods, this has raised questions about exhibition-making itself and the politics of production, display, and distribution. The Curatorial Conundrum looks at the burgeoning field of curatorship and tries to imagine its futures.

The Curatorial Conundrum: with Paul O’Neill and Lucy Steeds
Thursday 21 July 2016, 19:00–20:30
The Showroom
63 Penfold Street

This event is organised by Afterall in collaboration with The Showroom and the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College. The Curatorial Conundrum is published by The MIT Press in collaboration with the Center for Curatorial Studies/LUMA Foundation.