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M HKA: Lawrence Weiner/Liam Gillick – A Syntax of Dependency

03 feb - 22 may 2011
Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen.

M HKA has invited two New York-based artists, Liam Gillick and conceptual art veteran Lawrence Weiner, to realise some of the many hypothetical collaborative projects imagined over the course of their 20-year long artistic dialogue.

Lawrence Weiner: ‘You and I know each other pretty well. And you and I have started off on tons of projects that did not happen…’

Liam Gillick: ‘That’s interesting, I think.’

The pair represent the spectrum between conceptual, neo-conceptual and post-conceptual traditions; in this site-specific, collaborative installation in M HKA’s expansive display space, Gillick’s modern sensibility interacts with Weiner’s embodiment of language in material form.

The open-endedness of their collaboration is reflected in the exhibition title; the colon at the end is a deliberate ‘orthographic anomaly; expressing the non-conclusive nature of all dialogue. For more information, please visit:

M HKA is a partner organisation of Afterall