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Exhibition Histories x Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum

16 oct 2021 - 01 feb 2022
Book launch
Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing
Exhibition poster for ‘Afterall Exhibition Histories and its Worlds’ at Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum

Afterall Exhibition Histories and its Worlds
Opening: 16 October 2021
Exhibition period: 16 October 2021 – 27 February 2022
Venue: Inside-Out Art Museum, 1F West wing reading zone, No.50 Xingshikou Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Curated by Huang Wenlong, Scarly Zhou

Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum will showcase the full range of Exhibition Histories books. The display is the 9th episode of Inside-Out Practice, an exhibition series focusing on the practice of art publishing. Here is the bilingual detail.

A launch event of the anthology Art and its Worlds: Exhibitions, Institutions and Art Becoming Public, the twelfth title in the Exhibition Histories series, will take place online on 30 November 2021 as part of the exhibition public programme. Details to be announced soon.

Opening, ‘Afterall Exhibition Histories and its Worlds’ (16 October 2021 – 27 February 2022). Courtesy of Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing
Installation shot of ‘Afterall Exhibition Histories and its Worlds’ (16 October 2021 – 27 February 2022) at IOAM
Installation shot, ‘Afterall Exhibition Histories and its Worlds’. Courtesy of Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum