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ArtSchool x Spatial Radio: Teya Logos

08 dec 2023
The Street, Central Saint Martins and online via Spatial Radio
Image courtesy Teya Logos

Friday, 8 December 2023, 17:00–19:00 GMT

The Street, Central Saint Martins, London

Access the recording of this event: Spatial Radio

This event is open to University of the Arts staff and students. There are limited slots for the wider public. This event is free, but registration is essential. Sign up here:

This term, Afterall ArtSchool has partnered up with MA Narrative Environments’ Spatial Radio. For this collaboration, we are organising a live broadcast and silent dance party in The Street. This broadcast will be operated and run by students of the MA Narrative Environments course featuring the work of Philippines-based DJ Teya Logos.

This event is part of a larger series of programming run by Afterall ArtSchool entitled Hiding in Plain Sight which thinks through alternative approaches to study conceived in the shadows. Drawing from Fred Moten and Stefano Harney’s conceptualisation of the ‘undercommons’, this programme invites arts practitioners, theorists, and students to orient their practice outside the mould of institutional apparatuses. In the opaque shadow of surveillance systems, screened surfaces, and networked cables that increasingly mediate communication channels and educational spaces broadly defined, we posit darkness as an opening for new modalities of thought and creation. Attentive to the theoretical parallels between the ontological condition of Blackness and planetary dark matter as ‘invisible and unknowable, yet somehow still there’ invoked by Black studies and surveillance studies scholar Simone Browne, this project emphasises darkness and shadows as grounds for speculation, contestation, and possibility.

During the event, MA Narrative Environments will provide 100 headsets that visitors will be able to use to listen to the livestream. For those unable to come in person, you can also listen to the live broadcast at !

Teya Logos

Teya Logos (b. Dec 3, 2003) is a militanteng transpinay and artist-activist screaming and producing violent club music from Quezon City, Philippines. Fixated on her struggle as a queer, imperialized, and colonized woman, she cites her biggest inspirations are hardcore club music, her people, and her faith.

Despite choosing to remain primarily independent, Teya has gained recognition internationally. She has released music on Czech label UNIZONE, the Egyptian label ANBA, and contributed to the Palestinian charity-compilation “FREE” on Mutants Mxitape with a single titled “FUCK THE WEST”. In the past, Teya has performed at popular electronic music events such as Boiler Room, CTM Festival, and Pestapora, while having her work and sets featured on popular media outlets such as DJ Mag, Mixmag Asia, and ABS-CBN. In 2023, Teya started her regional tour. Playing in Melbourne, Sydney, Bangkok, Taipei, Jakarta, & Singapore.

Since 2018, Teya has run and is a proud member of CXD, an online electronic music-community. When she’s not creating music, she prays, spends her time with her beloved girlfriend Anna, and advocates for revolutionary feminism and anti-imperialism.