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Afterall / Showroom Seminar with Neil Cummings

28 mar 2009
The Cockpit Theatre, London.

The Cockpit Theatre, Gateforth Street, London, NW8 8EH

Cummings will present the film Museum Futures: Distributed (32min), made in collaboration with Marysia Lewandowska and commissioned by the Moderna Museet for Stockholm’s Jubilee year in 2008. Museum Futures: Distributed is a machinima record of the centenary interview with Moderna Museet’s executive Ayan Lindquist in June 2058. It explores a possible genealogy for contemporary art practice and its institutions, by re-imagining the role of artists, museums, galleries, markets, manufactories and academies.

The film screening will be followed by a discussion on issues related to the films exploration of how we might imagine the future of art practice, arts institutions and the museum.

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