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Voicing: A Practice of Exodus

Imogen Stidworthy, Iris [A Fragment], 2018, two-channel sound, video installation, stereo, Swedish and English spoken, 14min 46sec. © Imogen Stidworthy
Eleni Ikoniadou focuses on Imogen Stidworthy’s work with Iris Johansson, a therapist and writer on the autistic spectrum who was non-verbal until the age of twelve. In Stidworthy’s filmic set-ups, Johansson becomes a mediator or translator between verbal and non-verbal modes of communication, disclosing the latter’s rich grammar of somatic registers, gestures, movements, vibrations and rhythms. Ikoniadou shows how non- (or, better, more-than-) verbal modes of communication find powerful alliance with anticolonial, black and indigenous epistemologies – a ‘chorus of voicings’ attempting to disarticulate the master’s language and to tune into non-human frequencies.