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Explore: Art Exhibitions in Shanghai in 2000

A page from the Fuck Off catalogue showing a satirical work by Xu Zhen titled Web Banner, 2000.
In this Explore page you can find images, floor plans and artist’s lists of three art exhibitions that took place in Shanghai in 2000: ‘The Third Shanghai Biennale: “Shanghai Spirit”’, ‘Fuck Off’ and ‘Useful Life’.

The Third Shanghai Biennale: “Shanghai Spirit” was held in two different venues across Shanghai: Shanghai Art Museum, a newly renovated building that repurposed the colonial Shanghai Race Club at 325 Nanjing West Road, and the former Shanghai Museum at 456 Nanjing West Road.

Fuck Off, curated by Ai Weiwei and Feng Boyi, was held at Eastlink Gallery by the Suzhou Creek at 1133 West Suzhou Road Shanghai. The venue was a former grain barn repurposed as a gallery space when Eastlink Gallery relocated there that year.

‘Useful Life’ took place in a storage warehouse on Dong Daming Road, Hongkou district, It was organised by and featured the work of three artists: Yang Zhenzhong, Xu Zhen and Yang Fudong.