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Be Corpse

The Bernadette Corporation consider their recent publication Be Corpse…Zombies have their place in culture, and with that status there come all the restrictions afforded by being stuck in a genre – horror – that ensures a continuing popularity while keeping things on the culinary level of cannibalistic gore and floppy entrails splatter effects.We have yet to see any great leap of zombies outside of their limited niche, and in fact such a leap would not only be unexpected, but also would be greeted with dismay by horror fans and casual indifference from everyone else. For those who would take the zombie on a stroll outside of its graveyard, supplement a diet of human flesh and blood with whole grains and carbonated drinks, the exercise seems futile, even time-wasting. But then again this could be mistaken for a positive signal, a green light to go ahead and undertake a bit of speculative zombie theory.