October: The Great Experiment

Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi, Laura Mulvey, David Campany

Contexts / 06.11.2017

On Thursday 5 October 2017, Marxist theorist and activist Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi joined filmmaker and theorist Laura Mulvey and writer and curator David Campany to discuss the October Revolution and its artistic and cultural legacy.

October 1917, and its immediate aftermath of artistic and cultural experimentation, set the terms of the great twentieth and twenty-first century debates around art’s autonomy and its political ‘commitments’. The fundamental argument in the wake of the Russian Revolution – which, according to the Gregorian calendar, took place in November 1917 – that art and culture could, through education and enlightenment, influence the course of history, seems ever more pertinent today, in the context of new cultural and media phenomena that powerfully influence ‘public opinion’, governance and, indeed, elections.

This conversation was presented as part of October: The Great Experiment, a two-day event organised by the students and staff of Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.

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