– Autumn/Winter 2017

On Pia Arke

Stefan Jonsson

Pia Arke, stills from Arktisk hysteri (Arctic Hysteria), 1996, video, 5min 55sec. Courtesy Søren Arke Petersen and the Estate of Pia Arke, Copenhagen


Pia Arke’s work reminds Danes and Europeans of a history they never got to know, or were taught not to know, because it happened overseas. It began to be shown and discussed at the beginning of the 1990s, a period when notions of globalisation offered new models for understanding the dynamics of the world and exposed neglected historical and aesthetic issues. Among the most important of these issues were the colonial legacies of Western European states. In this context, Pia Arke’s interrogations of the suppressed past of Denmark’s relationship with Greenland began to resonate. The daughter of an Inuit seamstress and a

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