– Autumn/Winter 2001

All Things to All People

Frances Stark

Frances Stark, Ecce Home series, 2 (General Lee), 2000, collage on paper, 30.5 x 22.5cm

Frances Stark, Ecce Home series, 2 (General Lee), 2000, collage on paper, 30.5 x 22.5cm

Interviews by Frances Stark

What was supposed to follow was a medium-sized essay about my work, by someone other than myself. As fate would have it, certain circumstances - luckily having nothing to do with me - prevented the writer from submitting a text. I, of course, was dying to see what this writer would end up writing. A couple of years ago I remember reading a letter from the editor of a small LA publication in which he, in effect, was calling on more artists to strike up a discourse with each other, half-punitively conjuring up the image of an artist racing to the news stand to eagerly take in the handful of words that had been churned out in his or her honour. Granted he was referring to newspaper and magazine reviews, which are pretty different from lengthier, more considered essays, but even so, the presence - or absence, as the case may be - of someone else's protracted attention immediately reveals the economy of insight-production. So, faced with this glaring attention deficit and a fast approaching deadline, I thought, why not ask a little from a lot of people, rather than a lot from one person. I made a quick list of people and then tried to think up some very specific questions. There were a lot more people I thought of asking but to whom posing questions wasn't so easy, and then there were some pretty good questions that I couldn't gather the courage to actually pose, and then, of course, some people are pretty difficult to get a hold of.

Richard Hawkins, artist

Remember when I saw you on the