Gregg Bordowitz in conversation with Glenn Ligon – Glenn Ligon: Untitled (I Am a Man) (1988), Tate Modern

– Tuesday 29 May 2018. 18:30

We are pleased to announce that on Tuesday 29 May at Tate Modern, London, Gregg Bordowitz will be launching his latest One Work book that focuses on Glenn Ligon’s iconic Untitled (I Am a Man) (1988).

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Gregg Bordowitz in conversation with Glenn Ligon – Glenn Ligon: Untitled (I Am a Man) (1988), Whitney Museum

– Monday 30 April 2018. 18:30

We are pleased to announce that on Monday 30 April Gregg Bordowitz will be in conversation with Glenn Ligon at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. For this event, Bordowitz will draw on his recently-published One Work book that focuses on Ligon’s iconic Untitled (I Am a Man) (1988) and its relevance to representations of self, race and gender.

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Art Context and Enquiry: A Conversation with Afterall

– Saturday 17 March 2018. 11:00

On the 17th of March, Afterall Publishing Director Caroline Woodley will join André Mesquita of MASP, Brazil, in conversation, looking back at how Afterall has worked in partnership since its foundation to develop and expand its core research strands, the potential scope of the new collaboration with the Public Programs at the Museu de Arte de São Paulo and their shared interest in art, politics and activism.

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UAL Research Fortnight

Monday 5 March 2018. 10:00 – Friday 16 March 2018. 18:00

Research Fortnight is a two week programme of over 80 events, artist talks, screenings, symposiums, workshops and more, in and around all the University of the Arts London colleges. Throughout the fortnight a display of Afterall publications will be on show in the Central Saint Martins' Library, alongside a series of specially curated cabinets representing research produced and developed within CSM.

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Afterall Journal Launch Issue 44 ‘Ethno-Aesthetics and Institutions’

– Wednesday 28 February 2018. 18:30

We are pleased to announce the launch of issue 44 of Afterall Journal at Scrap Metal in Toronto. This event will include a screening of Pia Arke's 1996 video Arktisk hysteri (Arctic Hysteria), followed by a conversation between Director of Visual Studies at the University of Toronto Charles Stankievech and curator Candice Hopkins, both contributing editors to Afterall Journal.

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Exhibition Histories Talks: Maria Thereza Alves and Don Genaro Amaro Altamirano

– Saturday 10 February 2018. 15:00

We are pleased to announce the fifteenth in our series of talks analysing and contextualising exhibitions through the personal accounts of the curators responsible, co-organised with Whitechapel Gallery, London.

Following on from issue #43 of the Afterall journal, on Saturday 10 February Brazilian artist Maria Thereza Alves and museum director Don Genaro Amaro Altamirano will be in conversation with editor and researcher Ana Bilbao discussing Alves’s 2012 project The Return of a Lake. Produced in collaboration with the Museo Comunitario del Valle de Xico, Mexico, The Return of a Lake explored questions of ecology, indigenous land rights and the community museum as a site of resistance.

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Symposium ‘It Begins With a Story: Artists, Writers, and Periodicals in Asia’

Thursday 11 January 2018. 09:00 – Saturday 13 January 2018. 18:00

Join us for a three-day symposium organised by Asia Art Archive in collaboration with The Department of Fine Arts at The University of Hong Kong. The symposium aims to explore how periodicals have fostered conversations around art and emergent forms of visuality in twentieth-century Asia. Speakers will include Afterall Co-founder Charles Esche, National Gallery Singapore Curator Phoebe Scott and Beijing-based Independent Critic and Curator LI Xianting.

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