Autumn/Winter 2009

– Autumn/Winter 2009


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Charles Esche, Thomas Lawson, Mark Lewis

This issue signals a change, and a new beginning for Afterall. After eight years and seventeen issues together, our partnership with Los Angeles comes to an end; we say a very amicable goodbye and good luck to our collaborators at the California Institute for the Arts and a welcoming hello to our new partners at UNIA arteypensamiento in Seville.

Back in 2001 a trans-Atlantic partnership was a compelling idea for Afterall, a way to explore the important cultural ties between Europe and the United States, particularly at a time when the Bush Administration seemed intent on aggressively pursuing policies that would isolate the US from much of Europe. Given such a context, our conviction was that, while the challenge of producing an art journal across two continents was ambitious, it was necessary. By being based in both continents, we sought to respond equally to the ideas and desires of our local art communities, while serving as a medium for communication and exchange between them. What made this possible was a shared interest in the role that writing about art could play, not only as a means to illuminate artworks but as also an extension of artistic practice. Going into this partnership we might have assumed that the logistical issues of time and space, the eight hours and 5,000 miles that separated us, would be something of a struggle. But our experience was otherwise, and indeed the productive editorial differences in our views of art have rarely corresponded to our geographic locations. These differences came out of discussion and debate, and most of all through our collective passion for art.

Since the journal's beginnings in 1999, there